The Wexford Youths Women’s FC – A Stronger Team

Wexford Youths Women FC players

Although an exact date of establishment isn’t known, one thing is for sure – the Wexford Youths WFC was one of the founding league members of the Women’s National League of Ireland, which was established between 2011 and 2012. While the male senior team of Wexford FC proved to have a steep road, the Wexford WFC actually proved to be one of the strongest teams in their league ever, by winning multiple times. Today, the group of the WWFC participate in the highest senior division in the WNL (Women’s National League).

Age Groups and Divisions of the Wexford Women’s FC

The Wexford Youths have two teams – under 17 years old division, and the senior (above 19 years) division. Although the divisions aren’t as numerous as those of the men, the achievements of the Women’s clubs are far more numerous than those of any other team playing under the colours of Wexford FC!

The Support Staff of the Women’s FC Is Tightly Knit

Tom Elmes will always hold a special place in the hearts of all Wexford Youths women players. Mr Elmes was a primary goal scorer for the Wexford FC senior team from its conception in 2007 till 2013, but it seems that he has achieved much more by becoming the senior coach of both the senior and underage WWFC members. Tom is also acting manager of the WWFC, a fact which is quite admirable. Scott Gaynor is another invaluable part of the women’s FC, who takes the role as “goalkeeping coach”. Mr Gaynor was also a former football player (goalkeeper position), who played for his hometown’s team of Athlone Town. The WWFC have indeed found something extraordinary. Ever since their team was founded for the first time, they haven’t changed their coach even once!

The Biggest Achievements of the Wexford Youths Women’s FC

The competitions in which the WWFC participates (or has participated) are the Woman’s National League, the FAI Women’s Cup, the WNL Cup, and WNL Shield. The Wexford Youths Women’s FC is one of the very few teams that have achieved two “trebles”, which means that they have won a particular championship three times in a row! The ladies hold four championship trophies from the Women’s National League (from 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018), and three from the FAIWC (from 2015, 2018, and 2019). While in recent times the Wexford Youths Women Football Club have been taking things slowly, the support they receive from the community and their staff will surely get them back on the champions podium.

They Have a Lot of Sponsors

They say that “success breeds attention” and it comes as no surprise that the Women’s team of Wexford have more than twenty sponsors that make sure the team members have everything they need. Among the most notable sponsor names, are Energia (Ireland’s biggest electricity provider), the Waterford Motor Village, the Apex Centre, Happy Feet Soccer, and many others!

The Women Football Players of Wexford Continue to Work Hard

While most people see the incredible results achieved by the WWFC, they can’t truly witness the efforts these girls have made in order to become as good as they are. It is more than admirable that due to numerous injuries, the players of the WWFC still manage to enter the game with new vigour after their swift recuperation. We are proud to be called “supporters” of the Wexford Youths Women’s FC and will happily continue to watch them perform through thick and thin!