Who We Are – the Passionate Fans of Wexford FC

Wexford FC fans supports their team

Led by their native county’s motto (“An Example to Ireland”), the passionate supporters of Wexford FC do everything they can, to be a community that advocates the progress of its young people’s sporting spirit. Even before the Wexford football club received its license to play in Ireland’s First Division League, it had a large following of people which consisted of the many teams’ relatives and friends. Today, the solid fanbase of this club is not only significantly more significant but also spans over the neighbouring countries as well! On this website, you will learn not only about us, the fans but also our reasons for supporting the most excellent football club in Ireland!

The Challenges of Being New Football Fans

While it is true that in our FC support community, and some were fans longer than others, we don’t discriminate – and there is a reason for that. Wexford FC was established in 2007, which can be considered as a “young” team; it is also one of the many reasons why Wexford FC was initially nicknamed “the Youths”. On the other hand, we, as fans, had to endure on more than one occasion, the silent ridicule of other fans, for supporting a new football club. Sadly, in the eyes of some, if you’re not a part of a team that has a history spanning for over half a century, you don’t classify as a “real fan”. Our perseverance, however, has proved them otherwise.

Fans Are United Across the Country

Just as Chelsea FC has a supporter’s club in Wexford county, so do “The Youths” are being revered in other parts of Ireland. We should mention that every province is highly passionate about their native football teams - while it is a rare occurrence that Wexford FC fans are found outside of Wexford, they are dedicated to the team and its achievements in the sport. On this website, you will learn about fans who are not even Irelanders!

We Are Officially Recognised by the Team!

Our loyalty to the team has been spotlighted by the Wexford football club themselves. On the official website of the Wexford FC, there is a section “fans” where visitors can receive a lot more information on how to become a supporter, learn more about the latest fan-related events, engage in “fantasy football”, or watch live broadcasting of Wexford FC matches (when they are available, of course). Last but not least is the “Fancam” section – the club always encourages all social media-active fans to tag their photos with a #WexfordFC (in Instagram), so they can be featured on the website.

The Purchase of Club Merchandise Is Highly Recommended

What is a better way to represent your favourite football club, by wearing their jerseys in one of their games? If you are a part of our supportive community or you know someone who is a fan of Wexford, you can always visit the “shop” and get yourself some merch. Wexford FC offers a variety of items – training clothes, stickers, jackets, pens, club badges, official football jerseys and more. The official shop is the ultimate “one-stop” for any Wexford FC fan, as, besides merch, they can also purchase tickets and event programmes.

The Fans Are Integral to the Existence of the Wexford FC Club – Here Is Why

While there are a few companies that lend their financial support to the Wexford football club, it comes down mainly to us, the fans, to spread awareness and be engaged in the organisation of medium and large events. While being interested in any team is a free endeavour, becoming an “official fan” comes with a number of significant responsibilities. Naturally, members of the fan club will do their part with a small membership which will help the fan club exist alongside the team!

The Reasons – Why Are We So Dedicated?

In a community of approximately 150,000 people, we wish to do everything within our power to make sure that young people have the opportunity, environment, and proper coaching needed to develop their football talents. To us, being real fans of Wexford FC doesn’t mean simply attending the games in which our favourite team plays but dedicating our time and efforts to club-related activities. After all, Wexford FC is a community club, and it needs its community to prosper and thrive!

Made by Fans – Welcome to Our Website

There is so much more to be a true fan of Wexford FC! We have created this website to provide people with everything we stand for. Here, you will find useful articles about the team, more information about how you can join us, and also historical news that detail the Wexford FC’s journey since its conception. Whether you would like to become a part of something wonderful is up to you; however, feel free to look around and meet our community!