The Wexford FC Awards Many of Their Own

The team's training

The Ferrycarrig Park clubhouse was the best location when it came to giving out the “Wexford F.C. Senior Player of the Year Award”. The recipient was none other than Connor Sutton, a brilliant player that had sustained an injury in the pre-season period; however, after his swift recovery, he had an incredible season playing for Wexford. It was the team’s coach, David Breen and team manager Brian O’Sullivan that gave Mr Sutton his award.

In this “awards night”, something happened for the first time – absolutely all Wexford League players attended the ceremony! Those include the two Youths Women’s football teams and the four Wexford F.C. teams. Additional attendance was recorded by many fans, who had the opportunity to see, meet and greet their favourite players. Among the most notable senior Wexford F.C. players that were present at the event, were John Morgan, Ross Kenny, Dean George, Owen McCormack, Aaron Dobbs, (who was recently joined Longford Town F.C.), and Corey Chambers. It was spectacular to see those accomplished players mingle alongside women’s champions such as Nicola Sinnott, Rianna Jarrett, Edel Kennedy and Katrina Parrock – all of which are remarkable players of the Wexford Youths Women F.C.

During this first celebratory event, there were eight Club Awards that were given to the following players:

Connor Sutton – Senior Player of the Year of Wexford FC
Kylie Murphy – Senior Player of the Year of Wexford Youths Women F.C.
Cian Larkin – “Under 19 Years Division” Player of the Year of Wexford FC
Shane Gibson – “Under 17 Years Division” Player of the Year of Wexford FC
Dylan Casey - “Under 15 Years Division” Player of the Year of Wexford FC
Blessing Kingsley – “Under 17 Years Division” Player of the Year of Wexford Youths Women FC
Evan Connolly – Club Goal of the Season
Anthony Cooper – Club Person of the Year

The “Supporter’s Trust” also presented each player of the Wexford Youths Women F.C. teams, with commemorative pennants, that represented their “treble success” of winning three trophies in the same season.

The “Under 15 Years Division” Irish Squad Scores Sean Fitzpatrick

The “Republic of Ireland Squad” is about to face Poland in two international games – the squad has selected none other than Sean Fitzpatrick, a young player that has proven his mettle.

Part of the “Under 15 Y.” division of Wexford FC, Sean is set to engage alongside his teammates against Dundalk F.C., as a part of the “All Ireland Shield Final” event. This will be an exciting event for Sean, as the end goal of this match will be the trophy itself! Although Sean joined the Wexford F.C. recently, that didn’t stop him from completing his full L.O.I. (League of Ireland) debut. For his excellence in the field, he was named as the “Top Scorer” and “Player of the Day” by the Kennedy Cups. Sean Fitzpatrick is a wonderful player who has earned his L.O.I. “scoring account” in Wexford F.C.

The “Under 13 Years Division” of Wexford F.C. Appoint David Maher

The latest playing season for the U13 Division of Wexford F.C. has received some good news, with the appointment of their newest team manager – Mr David Maher. While Mr Maher is highly experienced in the “underage football” category, he also has over two seasons of additional experience in managing the Talent Development Programme of Wexford F.C. for young players. We want to congratulate David and his staff on his new appointment and wish him well on his professional progress!

Senior Cup Champions – the Wexford Youths Women’s FC

Peamount United didn’t stand a chance when the Wexford Youths Women’s F.C. finished them with a result of 1 to 0. The event was held at the Aviva Stadium, as a part of the F.A.I. Women’s Senior Cup and it was none other than Katrina Parrock that scored the only goal right before half time.

With this win, the Youths have completed their second successful treble, which is more than an incredible achievement. This fact becomes even more impressive when you learn that with this win, the League Title is given to Ferrycarrig for the fourth time in the last five years.

During the match, spectators were a bit confused as to why Tom Elmes decided to update the starting line-up, by putting in Rianna Jarrett. Information about this striker detailed that she had suffered a broken bone in her foot, a few weeks earlier. On the other hand, she is a striker that has an incredible possession retention rating, which made her a valuable support player for her teammates while she was on the playing field.

Rianna’s role was also felt in the club’s game against Peamount, as she was integral in her position of passing the ball to Emma Hansberry, which in turn managed to deliver a successful pass to Parrock who shot the winning goal. Emma Hansberry, on the other hand, managed to flank the opposing teammates, via a string of successful passes, which constantly kept the team of Peamount United on edge. The Youths goalkeeper – Sophie Lenehan also delivered an incredible performance through her many saves; including those which required her to come off-line, so that she could intercept potentially threatening balls.

The team of Peamount United struggled to act on their decided strategy, but also found it impossible to get past two of Wexford’s most notable defenders – Lauren Dwyer, and Orlaith Conlon. The central areas were entirely under control by the defenders, while one of Peamount’s leading strikers, Amber Barrett, was constantly trying to shift the game to her team’s favour by performing dives that only landed her a penalty. Although the Wexford Youths thwarted every attempt made by Peamount to ultimately exercise their strategy, the women’s team of Ferrycarrig had to mix their lines a bit, before the final whistle blow was heard.

Here are the players of the Wexford Youths Women’s F.C. that completed that incredible win on that fateful day:

Main Line Up:


Versus the Saints - The Leinster Senior Cup Draw

For the Fourth Round of the Leinster Senior Cup, Wexford F.C. were drawn against none other than St. Patrick’s Athletic, AKA “The Saints”. Although Wexford has met the Saints on their home field, the game ended favouring St. Patrick’s, with a result of 5-0. That fateful game took place at Richmond Park, during last season’s Quarter Final stage.

At some point, Cabinteely FC lost from Wexford F.C. with a result of 1-0, but our team was swiftly taken out in the Quarter Finals by the Premier Division. It wasn’t that long ago when Shelbourne won against Wexford F.C. (4-2) during the Fourth Round of the competition event, at the stadium in Tolka Park. You can see the full Leinster Senior Cup Draw below:

Ayrfield United F.C. or North End United vs Longford Town
Cabinteely FC vs Bray Wanderers
Dundalk F.C. vs Athlone Town
Firhouse Clover or Sheriff or Hanover Harps or Ashford Rovers vs Drogheda United
Killester Donnycarney FC or Bluebell United vs Shamrock Rovers
St.Patrick’s Athletic vs Wexford F.C.
Shelbourne vs Bohemians
U.C.D vs Crumlin United or Malahide United