The Dynamic History of the Wexford Youths Football Club

Wexford Youths FC players celebration after win

Wexford FC owes its origins to one person in particular – a certain mister Mick Wallace, who is an Irish politician and a TD within the parliament. Although the team received a license to play in the First Division of League of Ireland in 2007, it is speculated, that the organisation itself began a few years prior to that. Mr Wallace not only established the football club but also funded the construction of Ferrycarrig Park stadium, which is the “home” playing field for Wexford FC.

The WFC’s Age Divisions

Wexford FC was started as a football club for local youth, which is why the WFC has several divisions – Under 19 years, 17 years, 15 years, and 13 years. Naturally, there is also a Senior division that consists of players older than 19 years. Although Wexford FC was started as an “all-male” club, a women’s division was also formed a few years later.

How Wexford FC Joined the League

Before the 2006 season of the LOI (League of Ireland) had ended, the football club Dublin City became bankrupt. This opened a free spot for a team, and after the Wexford Youths applied for entry, they were granted the license for the First Division. From then onward, the WFC would enter a much more dynamic playing environment than just playing locally – which will bring them both woes and joys throughout the following years.

The Challenges Faced by Wexford FC Due to Alleged Mismanagement

Only after a year of joining LOI, the Men’s division won the FAI Cup in 2008. This was an incredible feat to achieve, but in the later years, a string of unsuccessful matches would bring the team to the near-last places in the overall ranking. After their initial success, the WFC had changed managers four times (in 2010, 2011, 2016, and 2018) which proved demoralising to not only the players themselves but the fans as well, which is why an unprecedented event took place that would change the face of Wexford FC forever.

The Club Is to Become Owned by Wexford’s Fans

The people were fed up with managers who would use the WFC as a stepping stone for other jobs and decided to form a “supporter’s co-op” with the power of taking ownership of the club itself. Dubbed the “supporters club”, a group of dedicated Wexford natives decided that it was time for their favourite team to belong once again to the people, and so the “Supporter’s Trust” was established in 2017, and while the legal proceedings for that were settling, the WFC had to let go of their latest manager in 2018, and appoint Brian O’Sullivan as the new manager of the Wexford FC.

The FC’s Name, Logo, and Motto

Any age division in the Wexford FC are known as “Youths”, but while the WFC was established with the name in their banner, they would later remove the “youths” from the banner and allow the women’s division to keep it. In the very beginning, the club’s founder Mick Wallace would instil the following club motto “Play the beautiful game”, but today every fan of the WFC know that the actual motto is “Stronger Together”.

The club’s crest is an interesting topic for discussion among many fans and spectators – it has been said that it is a “blatant copy” of the crest shield of the Italian football team “Torino” (a raging bull standing on its back legs); however, Mr Wallace has defended the emblem of Wexford FC, stating that it was a “tribute to my favourite Italian team”.

The History of Wexford FC Is Still Written Today

As a football club that makes everything possible in order to realise the football dreams of the local youth, the WFC doesn’t have a smooth journey, and its members definitely don’t take anything for granted. Although they have been defeated quite a few times, some of the Wexford football teams have proven themselves as reigning champions, and it’s the memory of this sporting glory that keeps the Wexford FC to continue striving for future success!