How to Join the Supporter’s Trust – the Process, Benefits, and Responsibilities

Wexford FC Supporter’s club

Joining the “Supporter’s Trust” of Wexford FC will instantly make you an “official fan”, and give you a variety of responsibility-oriented benefits! Wexford FC is genuinely owned by the fans, and once you join, you will be issued a unique member number and also given a “share certificate” signifying your ownership part. Furthermore, members that have signed up will have voting rights at every general meeting, including the right to vote for a “Player of the Year”. Members also receive free entries into all “underage” games, exclusive access to “invite-only” forums, a Co-Op newsletter, and more.

The Process of Signing Up

On the official website of Wexford FC, there will be a “ready-to-download” application form. People who wish to sign up to the “Supporter’s Trust” will need to fill out the form and send it via email, or go to Ferrycarrig Park, and hand-deliver it to an official club member. After the evaluation of your application, you can contact the Club’s support team, and they will assist you with your membership payment.

Paying Your Membership Fee Helps You Keep Your Share

If you’re already a Supporter’s Trust member, you need to become aware of the significance of your financial contribution. In recent years, there was an influx of people interested in owning a share of the Wexford FC, with the intent of selling it to someone else later on; this is impossible, as the shares are personally issued to each individual member of the “Supporter’s Trust”, and cannot be given away to non-registered fans. Trust members should also remember that if they are unable to pay their membership fee, the Board of the Supporter’s Trust will reclaim their share (although there are mitigating circumstances where a delay of payment may be allowed).

Reasons for Joining and Responsibilities

Wexford FC is a club playing on a national level; as such, it is understandable that the number of teams playing under the Wexford Banner will be in different age divisions. Watching talented youth develop their abilities and become better than before is an inspirational motivator, but that’s not all. The incredible success of the “Women’s Team” has put the Wexford FC on the map, proving that a community-run football club can also achieve success. Being a part of such incredible moments is priceless – and if you’re willing to lend a hand, you might just be right there with the rest of us!