The Home Stadium of Wexford FC

Wexford Youths FC Stadium

Known as “Ferrycarrig Park” the stadium which Wexford FC calls “home” was built in 2003. Although more akin to an open “football playing field” rather than an actual “stadium”, Ferrycarrig Park has been upgraded throughout the years since it was opened for the first time, and today offers a temporary seat stand which can house approximately 600 people. Although a bit “minimalistic” in design, the stadium does feature facilities such as a restaurant, wine bar, and dressing rooms (all located in the south-west corner of the stadium).

Notable Upgrades Throughout the Years

When in 2008 Wexford was hosting the “League Cup Final” event, additional temporary stands were installed on all sides of the stadium, raising its capacity to more than 2,000 seats. Since then, Ferrycarrig Park was (again) returned to its minimum capacity accommodations. While there are plans to build the stadium with the maximum possible number of seats, legal challenges with the construction of additional facilities, have put the development of Ferrycarrig Park in a “stalemate”. The fans of Wexford FC are fully engaged in resolving the issue, as the stadium itself is part of the origin of the WFC.

The Wexford FC Club Is Close to the Stadium

Positioned in near proximity of the stadium’s south-west end, is the main Wexford FC building. Behind it, are the previously mentioned buildings, including the “Supporter’s Bar”. Just like any other legitimate football team, the clubhouse needs to be near the training/ playing field. While to many onlookers Ferrycarrig doesn’t seem like much, one of the greatest Irish FC’s calls this open playing field “home”.

The Football Club Doesn’t Have Stadium Ownership

FAI & the Wexford Football League purchased Ferrycarrig Park some time ago, and they are the current owners of the stadium. Although Wexford FC does not own it, they have been leasing it ever since their establishment as a club. While many fans yearn for the FC to acquire ownership, it is highly unlikely that this will happen.

The Largest Events Held at Ferrycarrig Park

The Wexford Youths played versus Derry City in 2008 – which brought about 4,000 fans! While these glory days have long passed, supporters of Wexford FC are dedicating themselves further, to bring about the revival of the stadium’s upgrade projects, in the hopes that future events of such magnitude will be held once again. The other high-profile event that was hosted by Ferrycarrig Park was the UEFA Women’s Championship qualification match between Ireland and Russia.

Costs Associated with the Stadium

Although Ferrycarrig Park is not a stadium that requires a lot in terms of electricity or other man-delivered resources, upkeeping the grounds of the playing field itself also costs money. Online information gives us an estimate of £5,000 a year, only for maintaining the regulated condition of the field’s grass. The club often relies on donations and its Supporter’s Trust members to make sure that Ferrycarrig Park is up and running.

The Stadium Was Supposed to Be Something Much More

Ever since the construction of Ferrycarrig Park began, it was supposed to provide a lot more facilities and offer permanent seating; however, due to setbacks with the stadium’s changing owners, the full potential of Ferrycarrig Park is yet to be reached. Just as the fans care for Wexford FC, so they do for the stadium itself and hope that one day they will see it in a much better condition.